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1962 -> Present
On December 26, 1962, the government organization was restructured to that of the presidential system with the amendment of the Constitution. MOLEG was restored to its independent status as a federal administrative body under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister, the status of which continues to this day.
Reorganization with the amendment of constitution
1954 -> 1960
On November 29, 1954, as the Prime Minister System was abolished, the name changed to the Legislative Counseling Office of the Ministry of Justice (cabinet ministerial level), having the position of independent central administrative agency. In 1960, the Parliamentary Cabinet system was adopted and as the Secretariat of State Council was established, it was reorganized into the Government Legislative Bureau in the Secretariat of State Council.
MOLEG was founded
On August 15, 1948, with the establishment of the Korean Government, MOLEG took over the Law Drafting Bureau, The Legal Research Bureau and the Secretariat library of the Korean interim government’s judicial branch, which was the provisional administrative office. And it set up a library and 1 agency, 3 divisions and ten departments, in jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s Office.
The Geom-sang-jo-rye-sa, which played the role of MOLEG during the Joseon Dynasty.
1392 -> 1892
In the early era of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910),
the Geum-sang-jo-rye-sa under Eui-jeong-bu was in charge of government legislative affairs. Before the decree of the king was presented to the Eui-jeong-bu, the decree had to go under close examination by the Geom-sang-jo-rye-sa. This system ensured that there wouldn’t be any inconsistencies or conflicts during the execution of administrative affairs.