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  • Supervising Legislative Efforts of Government
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Supervising Legislative Efforts of Government

  • MOLEG, as the Central Administration Organization, specialized in legislation, supervises and supports the government's legislative activities of each department from the governmental and comprehensive prospective.
  • We establish and enforce governmental legislation plans sand support the government's legislative activities. We supervise the legal administration of government: for example, we ensure that subordinated statues and regulations, such as executive or ministerial ordinances are prepared at the appropriate times, or submit the examined bills and bills transferred from the National Assembly to the Cabinet Council.
  • If there are different opinions between departments during the legislation process, we try to mediate in the early stage, and understand the main issues, before statutory examination.
Governmental Legislation planning system
  • MOLEG establishes and enforces the above system, supervising legislation planning, that is intended for processing by each department during the year.
  • In order to process legislative efforts of the government efficiently and systematically, this program coordinates priority, time and details of legislation, that are intended for introduction during the year.
  • Governmental Legislation planning system
National Legislation Information Center (http://www.lawmaking.go.kr)
  • It shows how the Korean National Legislation is made and it enables searches of all the information necessary for legislation at one place.
  • You can freely use lots of legislative information, such as legislative research services, the current state of the lawmaking process, research on local government legislation, information on legal systems etc.