Welcome to Ministry of Government Legislation
  • Supervising Legislative Efforts of Government
  • Statutory Examination
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • Statutory Improvement
  • Legislation Support
  • Management of Statutory Information
  • Legislative Exchange and Collaboration

Statutory Examination

  • At the governmental legislation stage, we find and correct any unconstitutional or unlawful aspects of the bills and coordinate with the current statutory system. With such works, we maintain the unity of the National legislation system, arriving at the constitution, acts and treaties, presidential decrees, ordinances of the Prime Minister and ministerial decrees.
  • MOLEG examines wording, structures and expressions of the bills drafted by each department and reviews the necessity, legal validity, constitutionality and methodology of their contents.
  • The legislative environment has been changing drastically because of the fast social variations. To respond effectively to these changes, MOLEG supports legislation at each lawmaking stage, from drawing up legislative plans to the bill review.
Preliminary Legislation Support System
  • This is the system supporting from the stage of drafting bills at each department, in the way that governmental policy can become legislation quickly and effectively.
  • Preliminary Legislation Support System
Legislative Support Center, at Site
  • MOLEG allocates and operates the Legislative Support Center at Gwacheon Government Complex and Saejong Government Complex, in the way that public officials can perform their legislative tasks more easily and conveniently.