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Statutory Improvement

  • We seek out irrational statutes, which make the public’s life and business activities inconvenient, from the citizens’ viewpoint, and improve them, for making the good legislation that is easy to comply with. Furthermore, we draft easy to read statutes, and that can be understood by every citizen, by using our ‘Easy to Understand Statute Projects.’ With such a project, it improves the complicated legislative system and legal terminology, which can result in difficulty for citizens.
Statutory Improvement for public satisfaction
  • This project seeks out irrational statutes, that are overly focused on administrative convenience and which burden everyday life and companies’ business life in order to improve them for the satisfaction of the public.
  • We put all the opinions on the improvements together utilizing various routes, such as citizens, central and local administrative organizations and so improve these statutes, consulting with each department. Furthermore, we put our efforts into also improving the administrative rules, for example statutes, resulted unconstitutional ones at Constitutional Court as well asstatutes, with which have a risk of violation to the constitution, directives applied as hidden regulations, and established rules.
Improvement directed at
Improvement directed at
Main cases
main cases
Online Legislative system with public’s participation (http://opinion.lawmaking.go.kr)
Easy to Understand Statue Project
  • As part of the easy to Understand Statute Project, MOLEG is changing Chinese characters and Japanese based terms into Korean language, and simplifying long and/or complicated phrases in order to make the statutes easier to understand.
  • In the beginning, we focused on expressing our statutes in Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, but now we also reflect new legislative demands on professional terms, foreign language, neologism etc.
  • Moreover, we also simplify the statutory sentences and its system. From 2013, we especially try to make good legislation, simplifying of civil and criminal law, which influence mainly on the citizens’ life and on different statutes.