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Legislation Support

  • MOLEG supports for effective legislation of the National Assembly and prevents any conflict or confusion, with provisional presentation of opinions and their interpretation at local statutes planning stage of local government. Furthermore, we implemented open legislative education, improving legal professionalism of the public official and at the same time, we are enhancing the public’s law abiding spirit, with the operation of the Legislative Officer for children and for youth.
Supporting Legislation by Assembly Members
  • With this project, it presents at the National Assembly, united opinion of government about the proposed Assembly members’ Bills and supports for more effective legislative processes. In the case of necessity for having united opinion, the Governmental Legislation Policy Council and General Consultative Body of Assembly Members’ Legislation are operated.
Notification to each department on the proposed bills of assembly members
We notify to the ministry and office concerned and the relevant authorities the opinions from each department, legal and political issues about the members’ proposed bills, during their stage of deliberation of the National Assembly.
The ministry and office concerned can request legislative support to MOLEG regarding proposed amendments or enactments with high possibility of parliamentary passage and give their opinion on the governmental legislation evaluation. We put our efforts to eliminate any problems in enforcing legislation.
Governmental Legislation Policy Council
If different opinions on the members’ proposed bills are not solved, even with consultation with the ministry and office concerned and the relevant authorities, the Governmental Legislation Policy Council is held under MOLEG’s supervision, for coordinating different views.
Legislation Support for local Government
  • From 2011, MOLEG, as the professional organization, specialized in legislation, supports for clear interpretation of autonomy legislation and works for planning an appropriate one. In such a way, we try to prevent any unnecessary conflict or confusion.
Presenting opinions on Local Government Legislation
When the local government plans its local statutes, they can have any inquiry on the violation of any upper law or regulations or any difficulty with lawmaking skills. Or at the enforcement stage, they can have inquiries on the interpretation itself. In these cases, MOLEG responds to the local government’s requests and supports interpretation and enforcement of local statutes.
Presenting opinions on Local Government Legislation
General advice
With foundation and integration, there are cases of demanding improvements in autonomy legislation. Targeting the local government with such local legislation, we provide general advice on the local legislation system and its provisions’ contents.
Support exemplar regulations in regards to Central Administrative Organization
Enforcement guidelines or exemplar regulations for local governments, about the particulars delegated by the Central Administrative Organizationfrom statutes to regulations that sometimes need to be prepared. In the above cases, we support quality improvement of the local statutes. We support the request of the relevant institution, using legalistic review or reply.
Providing legislative materials, such as planning manual of autonomy legislation
For helping local government’s public officials in their practice of local legislation, we publish and provide legislative information materials, such as Local Statutes planning manual, local statutes’ reports, case reports for checking local statutes etc.
Legislative Education
Legislative education to public officials
National statutes and local statutes are increasing and also the administrative litigation cases are increasing. Therefore, the legal profession is required for public officials. In such a situation, for protecting civil rights of the public in advance and for realizing public law education, we are starting the systematic legislative education for the public officials in field.
After it has been selected as the Training Institution specialized in Legislative Education, in September 2010, we extended practice and cases-centered education, for preventing and solving problems. We introduced the education suited to officials and differentiated learning.Moreover, with the Legal Education web site, we extended cyber education and published courses for 11subjects, such as Constitutional Law, providing opportunities for learning not only to the officials, but also to the general citizens.
Legislative Education web site (http://www.lawmaking.go.kr/nplms/intro/introInfo)
Legislative education Program
Legislative education Program