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Management of Statutory Information

  • MOLEG increases access convenience to statutory information and guarantee the public right to know, with many different Legal Information Search Sites, such as the National Legal Information Center, system for Easy to Find Practical Legal Information and MOLEG Statue Interpretation system etc. In this way, we prevent the public harm caused by inequality of information.
Fast and accurate Legal Information Service
  • The National Legal Information Center is the Korean representative legal information web site, where all the legal information can be searched.
  • We are providing free the Korean statutes in force and treaties, central office group’s administrative regulations, local governments’ ordinances, regulations, cases, the cases of the constitutional court, statutory interpretation cases, administrative adjudication cases, legal terminology and statutory information in English, etc, 1.69 million cases in total.
National Legal Information Center (http://www.law.go.kr)
Supplementary services
Supplementary services
Easy to Find Practical Legal Information Service
  • We reclassify complicated relations between statutes, based on the public’s practical life and their profession and rephrase difficult statutory contents easier, from the public’s viewpoint. We provide them with the website for the ‘Easy to Find Practical Legal Information Service’.
  • We give our service focusing on the areas closely connected to the practical life, for example, moving, parcel service, home care allowance’s support and noises nuisance between floors. In addition, we will provide contents in the formality of story-telling, in the way that citizens can read easily. We are planning to also provide them in the new life areas, being sought out and increased and other already established areas suited to individuals, in order to find and read easily.
  • Moreover, we are continuously extending the service in many languages, in regards to the necessary areas for foreigners, for example, employing and getting jobs for foreign workers, multicultural families etc.
Easy to Find Practical Legal Information Service (http://www.easylaw.go.kr)
Practical Legislation in foreign languages (http://www.easylaw.go.kr/CSM)
How to use legislative information on the Smartphone
How to use legislative information on the Smartphone