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Write a New Chapter for Asian Legislation Interchange!
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Write a New Chapter for Asian Legislation Interchange!

: The First Asian Legislative Experts Symposium was held successfully


The First Asian Legislative Experts Symposium, which was hosted mainly by the Ministry of Government Legislation(the Minister, Jung-boo Je) and co-hosted by the Korea Legislation Research Institute and the Legal Information Service, was held successfully with about 400 legislative experts.

Four hundred participants from 17 Asian countries, including Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Nepal attended this Symposium, which proved and showed their great interest. The slogan of this Symposium was 'Sharing Legislative Experience of Korea with all of Asia'.


□The Minister, Jung-boo Je articulated that "this symposium can make us look back at Korea's 60 year legislative experience and put together our knowledge of productive and practical method of exchanging legal information with all Asian countries".



□ In the symposium various debates were held about plans on legislative interchange and co-operation with all of Asia, the main subject of which was "The present situation of legislative interchange and how to move forward"

Many experts from the private, official and academic sectors had animated discussion concerning the following three topics from 10:40 am to 6:30 pm: the government's role to promote legal interchange; the exchange of legislative intellectual property and IT infrastructure; and the legislative demand of each field in Vietnam and Cambodia.

ㅇ Especially, seeking to find a direction of legislative interchange, Senior Executive Officials of Vietnam and Cambodia were invited to grasp specific legislative demands of the countries and confirmed possible specific fields for exchanging and sharing in the debates.

During the symposium, the Meeting of Officials In Charge of Foreign Affairs, hosted by the vice minister Sang- Chul Whang, was conducted.

In the meeting, legislative demands were collected from the embassy officials in charge of foreign affairs of 12 countries located in Korea, and they shared their opinions for co-operation.

In addition to the five countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar that have already signed the MOU, seven other countries that were not vigorously involved in the interchange, including Nepal and Jordan, have participated and expressed their profound interest.

* The meeting for the officials in charge of foreign affairs were attended by the following 12 countries: Afghanistan, Jordan, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Iraq, Sri Lanka , Thailand, East Timor, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

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