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Spread “Korean Wave in the Legislation Sector” by Sharing Know-How in Regulatory Reform
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Spread "Korean Wave in the Legislation Sector" by Sharing Know-How in Regulatory Reform

- MOLEG, Brief meeting with Vietnamese Delegates -


The Ministry of Government Legislation ("MOLEG") (Minister Je Jeong-Boo) had a meeting with 22*delegates from the congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam who visited Korea to strengthen administrative capabilities of Vietnam and to improve mutual relationship between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Republic of Korea under the theme of 'Improvement of Statute related to Regulatory Reform required for Economic Recovery and Development Strategy'.


* Capacity Enhancement Program for Vietnam's Strategic Leadership organized by the Central Official Training Institute' (8.30~9.12)


MOLEG introduced the example cases of improving statutes related to regulatory reform for economic recovery to the Vietnamese delegates, and shared opinion on the legislation issues faced by the two countries as well as a strategy to reform statute for future growth and development strategy.


At the meeting, MOLEG introduced the cases that Korea revised the 'Regulations on Payment of Patent Fees', and reduced the patent registration fees of 4~6 years by 30% for small and medium size company to allow them to save the cost by 6 billion won per year.


Mr. Vu Hai San, the deputy commander of the Defense Ministry of Vietnam and other Vietnamese delegates showed high interests in Korea's statutory reform asking a lot of questions about other cases and manpower operation and organization. The meeting provided meaningful opportunity for the Vietnamese delegates to enhance their understanding on the Korea's legislation and regulatory reform.



MOLEG, Brief meeting with Vietnamese Delegates photo

Minister Mr. Je Jeong-Boo emphasized that "Efforts to reform outdated regulations and to rationalize the regulations which obstruct the business activities are the foremost and indispensable process to lead the nation's sustainable development in line with the economic growth'.


"I hope that Korea and Vietnam which have witnessed sudden increase in regulations in the course of making rapid economic growth maintain the mutual cooperation in the various legislative sectors including regulatory reform for mutual development", the Minister added.



Minister Je Jeong-Boo photo

In the meantime, MOLEG has maintained close cooperative relationship with Vietnam for the reform in the legislative area. For example, MOLEG entered into MOU for exchanges and cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam in 2012, and visited the Vietnam's Justice Minister in April, 2015 to execute MOU for 2015~2016.


ㅇ MOLEG will further strengthen the cooperation for legislative reform in order to lay the grounds for future growth of the two countries and continue the so called 'Korean Wave in the Legislation Sector'. And as a starting point, during the '3rdAsian Legislative Expert Symposium' hosted by MOLEG in November 4 this year under the theme of the 'Legislation about Urban Development and Rural Development in Asia', the participants will discuss Vietnam's urban development and the strategies to improve urban development laws and regulations.

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