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MOLEG Seeks Ways to Organize the Laws on Disaster/Accident Response with Asian Countries

 - The 5th ALES successfully completed.
  - Minister Kim stressed human rights protection beyond disaster/accident response.

□ Ministry of Government Legislation (“MOLEG”) hosted the 5th Asian Legislative Experts Symposium (“ALES”) under the theme of “Legislative Study on Safety Management to Respond to Disasters” at the Millenium Hilton in Seoul, Korea on November 1, 2017.

 ㅇ 170 persons from 37 countries (including Indonesia, China and Thailand), including the experts of laws related to disasters and accidents participated in the 5th Symposium to discuss about legislative development strategies that will allow the Asian countries (which have been frequently hit by disasters and accidents) to effectively respond to disasters and accidents.

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□ Minister Kim emphasized that the accidents and disasters pose greater threat to the vulnerable class, such as women, children and the poor.

 ㅇ She said, “I wish this 5th ALES will assure the safety of citizens in Asia and protect the human rights by inviting the participants to share, compare and analyse their legislative experiences on disaster and accident response.”

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□ Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Korea, Umar Hadi, said in his congratulatory message that Indonesia is also laboring over the ways to protect people from disasters and accidents, and international cooperation is essential, because disasters and accidents do not mind national borders. He also emphasized the need for international cooperation through legislation.

 우마르 하디(Umar Hadi) 주한 인도네시아 대사 축사 사진

□ The presentations and discussions took place in 2 sessions, where the current statuses of each Asian countries in terms of disaster and accident related laws were presented and ways to better organize such laws were discussed.

 ㅇ During the Session 1, the current statuses of applicable laws in Asian countries, including Korea, were reviewed, and

 ㅇ during the Session 2, an in-depth discussion was made about the ways to organize the laws which will especially assure the building safety at the times of disasters and accidents. 

□ Research institutions specializing in legislation, disaster/accident response and safety, public officers from related government offices, professors and experts participated in each Session and made specific discussions based on their experiences on related policies.

 ㅇ They agreed that the laws must be organized to respond promptly to the frequent disasters and accidents, and

 ㅇ proposed various ways to organize the law in consideration of each country's economic development status and changes in social and economic backgrounds.

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□ MOLEG plans to continue to promote the ALES, by broadening the theme of future Symposiums, so that the ALES will cover common interests of Asian countries, and by encouraging more Asian countries to send their people.

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