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Completion of Establishment of Law Information System in Myanmar by the Ministry of Government Legis

Completion of Establishment of Law Information System in Myanmar by the Ministry of Government Legislation

   - Participating in the opening ceremony of the Myanmar Law Information System
   - The first case of sharing our experience of developing the National Law Information Center of the Republic of Korea; planning to share it with Mongolia and Indonesia

□ The Ministry of Government Legislation (Minister Kim Oe-sook) visited Myanmar to attend the Myanmar Law Information System (MLIS)* launching ceremony organized by the Union Attorney General's Office for four days and two nights from May 22 to 25.

   * MLIS (Myanmar Law Information System): system that allows people to search all the legal information in one place like the National Law Information Center of the Republic of Korea

□ This event was held in Naypyidaw, Myanmar on May 24 to celebrate the completion of the “MLIS establishment project” that started in 2016 as one of the KOICA's ODA projects.

 ㅇ About 250 people, including Minister Kim Oe-sook and those from relevant organizations such as KOICA, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Myanmar, and the Union Attorney General's Office, the Parliament, and legal profession, participated in the event.

Minister Kim Oe-sook and those from relevant organizations such as KOICA

□ The MLIS project has been carried out for the past three years in three phases: establishing a medium-term plan (phase 1); collecting Myanmar's legal information and building a database (phase 2); and developing a legal information retrieval system (phase 3). After that, the MLIS opened on May 24.

 ㅇ Our Ministry will provide support to maintain the system for the next one year and then the Myanmar government will operate the system by making use of the trained and educated local personnel.

   ※ Attachment 1: Overview of the Myanmar Law Information System (MLIS)




< Overview of the MLIS >










Including about 5,000 legal information such as the constitution, laws and regulations, judicial precedents, treaties, and municipal ordinances or rules


Providing information both in Myanmar language and in English (only 375 laws provided in case of in English)


Updating laws and regulations in real-time and providing all the laws and regulations that were enacted both in the British colonial era and recently


Available both on PC and on mobile app


Web address: http://www.mlis.gov.mm/


* Attachment 2: Webpage of the MLIS and webpage accessible on a mobile device

□ “I'm pleased that our Ministry played an important role in bringing fundamental change to the country's national system by disclosing its legal information in a transparent manner,” our Minister said in her congratulatory remarks.

 ㅇ “I believe that the MLIS would serve as a vital foundation to establish the rule of law in the country and to accelerate the economic development through investment promotion.”

Minister Kim Oe-sook

□ U Tun Tun Oo, the Attorney General of the Union Attorney General's Office, expressed his appreciation for our government's support, saying “the system provides easier access to legal information that has become vast due to the Myanmar's openness and democratization policy.”

 ㅇ The Attorney General also said that the country has a plan to provide relevant education to Myanmar's central administrative agencies and 14 state governments in order to encourage all the people to use the system.

□ Minister Kim met with Attorney General U Tun Tun Oo  on May 23 and they discussed how to improve the MLIS and enhance the legislative cooperation and exchange between the two countries.

 ㅇ The Attorney General said that for the success of the system, the country needs continued technological support for operation of the system and improvement of its function.

 ㅇ Minister Kim suggested forming a consultative group to improve the system, provide education to local personnel, and ensure legislative and legal advance in the country for the next one year. In order to do so, the two countries agreed to develop specific measures in the near future.

Minister Kim met with Attorney General U Tun Tun Oo

□ Minister Kim met with lawyers and businessmen who are working in Myanmar, informed them of the opening of the MLIS, and asked them to give us feedback after using the system in the afternoon of May 23 in Yangon.

 ㅇ The participants said that it was difficult to find the laws and regulations related to tax and labor and their economic activities have been affected. So they greatly welcome the opening of the system.

 ㅇ In addition, they believe that it would be possible to ensure predictable administration by disclosing legal information in a transparent manner.

Minister Kim met with lawyers and businessmen

□ The support to establish the MLIS was provided as a part of our efforts to share the success of our National Law Information Center, which is the first case of so-called K-Law.

 ㅇ On the basis of the experience in Myanmar, our Ministry will strive to cooperate with other developing countries that are interested in our National Law Information Center.

□ First of all, we will conduct a consulting project to help Mongolia, the center of Central Asia, establish a legal information system this year.

 ㅇ It's because the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia asked us to share our experience of developing a legal information system when Minister Kim visited the country last September. We will carry out the establishment of a legal information system according to the result of the consulting project to be released at the end of this year.

□ In addition, we will endeavor to come up with measures for cooperation with Indonesia such as establishment of a legal information system in the second half of this year.

 ㅇ After President Moon's state visit to Indonesia last November, our Ministry has discussed cooperative measures with Indonesia. In particular, Indonesia asked us to cooperate in the field of a legal information system.

□ “The National Law Information Center is an innovative system so that everyone can have an access to legal information updated in an appropriate and prompt manner anytime and anywhere. So it has become one of the world best practices,” Minister Kim said.

 ㅇ “If this system is adopted by other countries, it would contribute to the law-imposed administration and economic development of the countries and also provide practical help to Korean companies, investors and Koreans that are using the laws and regulations of the counties.”


Attach-ment 1


Overview of establishment of Myanmar Law Information System (MLIS)

1. Overview

 ○ Period: from 2016to2018 (three years)

 ○ Budget: 3.759 billion won (3.65 million USD)

   - ODA grant was provided by KOICA

2. Main Contents

 ○ Establishing a medium-term legislation development plan and a strategy for informatization of laws and regulations for Myanmar

 ○ Building a database of laws and regulations in Myanmar

   - Building a database by transferring laws and regulations in paper format into that in electronic format

   - Providing education on operational technology to make it possible to update the database

 ○ Establishing a law information system and providing various equipment (including a server, software, PC, etc.)

   - Developing programs and systems such as search engine and providing education on maintenance of the systems and programs

3. Project Timeline

 ○ March, 2014       Conducting a prior feasibility study 

 ○ July, 2016         Establishing a medium-term plan

 ○ September, 2017  Designing and implementing a system and reporting it to the Myanmar government

 ○ May, 2018       Completing the establishment of a database of laws and regulations and providing the service to the public

4. Expected Benefits

 ○ Enhancing the Myanmar's administrative efficiency by managing legal information and improving disclosure process

 ○ Contributing to promotion of the country's democracy through better access to legal information

 ○ Contributing to investment promotion and economic development by disclosing the Myanmar's economic laws and regulations in a transparent manner

Attach-ment 2


Webpage of the MLIS and webpage on a mobile device

webpage of the MLIS in Myanmar langauge

webpage of the MLIS in English

in Myanmar langauge in English

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